SprayStone gives you creative freedom to apply a stone finish to virtually any building project, – from foundations to architectural details. A true high-performance coating, SprayStone withstands structural movement, freeze/thaw, tropical climates, UV exposure, and mold. Designed for Interior and Exterior applications.



SprayStone finishes have been skillfully formulated to match naturally occurring stone in their look and texture. Remarkably, no actual stone is used in our sustainable manufacturing process. 

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SprayStone is engineered from the highest grade
resins and binders to form a layer of protection against the elements. The 100% acrylic base makes SprayStone
flexible, so it won’t peel or crack when exposed to
thermal or structural shock.




Deliver projects on time with fast and easy spray-on application. SprayStone’s single-component formula allows multiple installers to work side-by-side or separately and achieve a uniform finish. With quick dry times, a single professional can apply over 1,000 sq. ft. of SprayStone per day.



SprayStone is the perfect solution for commercial and residential exteriors. Use it in place of stucco, paint or stone – it’s 100% weather-proof, and looks great.


Mouldings and other architectural details come alive with SprayStone. Foam, concrete, wood – will get a spectacular stone finish in minutes.


SprayStone is water-based. The low VOC formula is suitable for interiors as well as exteriors. Use it on columns, walls, ceilings and more.


Sculpture, fountains, landscape architecture, and even furniture can be easily transformed into stone art with SprayStone.


The binders and resins in SprayStone create a layer that doesn’t crack, peel, or crumble. Non-porous, yet breathable, SprayStone resists
water, mildew, and dirt.


By spraying instead of trowelling, you will cover larger areas faster, saving time and labor costs. Due to SprayStone’s minimal overspray, you’ll save on cleanup time as well.


Low-VOC, non-toxic, water-based acrylic meets all US environmental standards for interior and exterior use. No overspray during installation. Cleans up with soap and water.

Cost effective

Affordable material and decreased application costs means more money
in your pocket. Save time with SprayStone’s quick installation and effortless maintenance.


When we build with stone, we appreciate its timeless elegance and grandness. What we don’t always consider are the detrimental effects of stone production on natural resources, habitats, and surrounding communities.

Quarrying stone is accomplished through large-area open-pit mining operations, which release toxic materials into the surrounding water table. Tons of fuel are used to power the heavy machinery, releasing greenhouse gasses in the process. Much of the natural stone quarried is subsequently discarded during the fabrication process; it is estimated that 20-25% of stone ultimately ends up as production waste.

At SprayStone USA, we envision a world where the manmade environment coexists in beautiful harmony with the natural one. A world where buildings constructed for humanity don’t come with steep ecological price tag. We’re proud to offer a sustainable alternative to natural stone – a product so durable and versatile, that its widespread use can have a meaningful environmental impact.


At SprayStone USA, the environment is at the forefront of every decision we make. That’s why every day, we make choices that provide for a better tomorrow.
Read our Environmental Declaration to see the steps we take on a daily basis to preserve the fragile balance of the world in which we live.


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SprayStone Product Page, or use the appropriate contact method below.

Our story begins after a series of earthquakes in the 1990s that devastated cities, causing buildings that had previously withstood the tests of time to come apart.

Inevitably many buildings were damaged beyond repair, but most were simply ‘stressed.’ This stress, however, was enough to crack facades and send slabs of heavy stone tumbling down stories below. Casualties and expensive repairs followed.

We thought, “What if we could avoid all this? Still keep the beauty of stone but without the catastrophic downsides?”

In 1999, we set out to develop a flexible, lightweight material that would look and feel exactly like stone but not pose any of the same risks.

We were creating a formula that would withstand the tests of time and a finish that would defy market fads. A product that was so easy to apply that anyone could do it. An architectural coating that looked like stone but required no mining, cutting, or waste.

The resulting water-based, acrylic coating would abate catastrophic casualties by serving as a flexible membrane, stretching under stress, instead of cracking like traditional finishes. Tons of natural stone would no longer be needed for cladding, and the elegance of stone would be achieved without any of the inherent danger.

Today, over 450 SprayStone projects span the globe. Buildings that were coated a decade ago, still look new. And everyday, we take our vision a step further to reality – to replace natural stone with a lighter, more responsible alternative – providing benefits not only to the manmade environment but to the natural one as well.


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