SprayStone USA



Our story begins after a series of earthquakes in the 1990s that devastated cities, causing buildings that had previously withstood the tests of time to come apart.

Inevitably many buildings were damaged beyond repair, but most were simply ‘stressed’. This stress, however, was enough to crack facades and send slabs of heavy stone tumbling down. Casualties and expensive repairs followed. We thought, “What if we could avoid all this? Still keep the beauty of stone but without the catastrophic downsides?”

In 1999, we set out to develop a flexible, lightweight material that would look and feel exactly like stone but not pose any of the same risks. We were creating a formula that would withstand the tests of time and a finish that would defy market fads. A product that was so easy to apply that anyone could do it. An architectural coating that felt like stone but required no quarrying, cutting, or waste.

The resulting water-based, acrylic coating would abate catastrophic casualties by serving as a flexible membrane, stretching under stress, instead of cracking like traditional finishes. Tons of natural stone would no longer be needed for cladding, and architects could achieve the elegance of stone without the associated danger.

Today, over 450 SprayStone projects span the globe. Buildings that were coated a decade ago, still look like new. And everyday, we take our vision a step further to reality – to replace natural stone with a lighter, more responsible alternative – providing benefits not only to the manmade environment but to the natural one as well.