SprayStone USA




SprayStone gives you creative freedom to apply a striking stone finish to virtually any surface.
Our 100% water-based, acrylic formula looks and feels exactly like natural stone. Use it on interiors and exteriors.
New construction or renovation. Residential or commercial.

  • Green and Low Voc
  • Unmatched Realism
  • Weather Proof
  • Flexible And Crack Resistant


Weightless Beauty
Free yourself from the limitations of natural stone such as weight, bulk, and installation challenges. SprayStone is a true high-performance coating, light and flexible. It melds around complex curves and architectural details to yield a monolithic stone surface, and the spray-on application means
you can turn anything you envision into stone quickly and easily.

Vivid colors and sheen options
SprayStone come in 12 sheen-free finishes, each formulated after a naturally occurring stone sample.
Gloss can be added if desired by top-coating with a clear acrylic sealer.

From Parking Garages to Ballroom Balconies
We designed SprayStone to be a responsible alternative to natural stone. So it only makes sense, that the more versatile the product,
the bigger the impact it can have on the environment. That’s why SprayStone is engineered as a universal high-performance coating –
equally suited for coating concrete parking garages and ornate ballrooms balconies.

High-Performance without High Build-Up
When dry, the SprayStone coating is a mere 1/32 of an inch thick!
This remarkable quality allows the product to coat intricate architectural moldings without any loss in detail.

Endless Possibilities
Whether the scope of your work includes restorations, new construction, commercial or residential projects,
SprayStone offers a solution for every job:

  • Multihousing & Residential Projects
  • Masonry Restorations
  • Restaurant, Fast Food & Hospitality Industry
  • Insulating Concrete Form (ICF)
  • Interior Design & Corporate Public Spaces, and more!

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SprayStone’s flexible, non-porous, breathable composition resists cracking, fading and water damage, requiring little maintenance.

SprayStone has stood up to all sorts of environmental conditions, from the unkind, humid summers of southeastern Asia to the bitter cold of the northeastern US. We’ve subjected it to harsh tests so you can be sure SprayStone will hold up. In fact, there have been ZERO failures on properly installed SprayStone projects since we introduced 1st generation SprayStone projects over 15 years ago.

Highest Quality Acrylics
From day one – we’ve engineered SprayStone to withstand harsh environmental conditions. By using high-grade acrylic polymers,
we’re leveraging the chemistry that has been proven in air/water barriers and high performance coatings for decades.
Beauty and performance in one package – that’s the SprayStone offering.

Single Component Formula
We wanted the product to be so simple to use, that we went to great lengths to make it single component. That’s right. Each bucket already
holds the secret formula for achieving one of 12 stunning stone finishes, for a flawless finish time after time, batch after batch.

Training & Warranty
We’re proud to back SprayStone with a best-in-class free training, and a 20-year limited warranty for Certified Installers.




Putting an End to Destructive Mining
With every bucket of SprayStone, we’re saving 200 sq. ft. of natural stone from being quarried, cut,
finished and transported to job sites. That’s roughly 1 TON of stone!

Water Based / Low-Voc
SprayStone is 100% water-based and contains only 101g/L of VOCs.
That makes it ideal not only for exterior projects, but for interiors as well.

Easy Cleanup
Water based SprayStone cleans up quicker and easier than latex paint with only cold water.
There’s no need for harmful solvents or petroleum-based detergents.



Beauty and environmental responsibility don’t have to come at a high cost.
With SprayStone, you can save your clients time and money, while showing your love for the planet. 
SprayStone installs quickly with simple spray equipment, that’s light and easy to use.
In fact, installing SprayStone is about 10x faster than installing natural stone and is even easier to apply than painting.


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