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Do you have a project that calls for SprayStone? Make sure you entrust it to a Certified SprayStone Installer. Certified Installers have completed proper training and possess extensive knowledge about surface preparation, primer selection, and use recommended products, which offer both the utmost quality and the backing of our product warranty.
Contact us today to be connected with a Certified Installer.

  • Quick and easy application
  • Water cleanup
  • Single component
  • Low VOC


SprayStone arrives premixed in 5-gallon buckets. Each bucket already holds the secret formula for achieving one of 12 stunning stone finishes.
There’s no mixing, measuring, or adjusting. Just “box” the SprayStone several times and pour into your pressure sprayer.


Forgiving Application
Easy spray technique eliminates variation from one installer to the next, meaning several installers can spray simultaneously and achieve a matching finish.

Dries Quickly
It takes less than 4 hours for a coat of SprayStone to dry under normal weather conditions.

Easy Touch Ups
Make a mistake? Spray the wrong color? Just wipe off the SprayStone and spray the correct one right over it!

If a SprayStone surface is damaged down the road, just restore it, prime and touch up with the selected color.
No need to blend in large areas to get a match.

Want to give SprayStone a test drive before you take the plunge?
Rent the Pro Starter Kit for only $50/day, and see the possibilities for yourself.




Less is More
SprayStone installs with conventional spray equipment, powered by a compressor.
The whole setup takes up less than 2 cu. ft. of space. Transport it in your work van or in the back of a Mini Cooper.

There’s never been a faster system
Save time on setup and cleanup. SprayStone equipment sets up quickly and takes only 3 minutes to clean at the end of the job. Watch our install and clean up videos now to see for yourself.

The SprayStone Pro Starter Kit has everything you need to make your project a success. 
The pressure tank, hoses, and spray gun all fit together seamlessly into a system that is extremely portable and efficient.

Want to build your own system? You can check the requirements in our training manual.





With SprayStone projects being specified by architects nationwide, now is a great time to become a Certified SprayStoner. Certification is available at our Bristol, PA location and takes only 1 day.

During training, you’ll not only learn about the correct way to install SprayStone, but will also acquire a deeper understanding of surface preparation, primer selection, and high-performance finishes.

Get Leads
As a Certified Installer, you’ll be entered into our regional Lead Generation System and will be the first to know of upcoming SprayStone projects in your area.

Top Tech Support
Are you a Certified SprayStoner? Great! Here’s where we remind you that we’re always by your side. Whether you need a quick consultation on surface prep or job site support, SprayStone USA is only a phone call away.

Have a complex architectural question? Our in-house LEED-certified architects are here to help.

We’re also happy to video chat with you through Facetime or Skype whenever you need troubleshooting assistance.