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Memorial Mausoleum

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Cemetery in North Lauderdale, FL had erected a shared family memorial mausoleum on its grounds to house multiple crypts intended to lend a special privacy of an enclosed space. The archdiocese hired Mccluskey Construction general contractors to build a shrine in the vicinity of which visitors would feel moved by the serenity and timeless grandeur, evoked by monumentality of limestone and elegance of polished granite. 


Being a religious memorial, decorative accents and columns serve an important visual role in providing the appropriate experience. While natural granite could be used for flat walls, intricate architectural details required a material that is more flexible, lighter, but just as durable and aesthetically appropriate. Mccluskey Construction specified SprayStone GT-001 Silver Cloud for use on columns, capitals, roof ledges, moldings, and other parts of the structure that required a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution that could be applied uniformly and quickly to complex shapes, and which would complement other parts of the building, matching natural stone in appearance and texture.