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SprayStone is the only high-performance architectural coating that produces the look and feel of real stone on virtually any surface. Water-based acrylic chemistry affords maximum durability, ease-of-use, and color retention over time, while elastomeric resins provide a level of crack resistance unrivaled by conventional coatings or stucco. FAST. AFFORDABLE. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Formulated with best-in-class resins and binders, SprayStone resists abrasions, harsh weather conditions, UV radiation, and mildew. It’s an ideal choice for exterior applications that call for durability and grandiose aesthetics. The low-VOC levels in SprayStone, make it an equally excellent choice for interior and exterior applications. Use it over concrete, drywall, columns, ceilings, architectural details, and more.

Why SprayStone

SprayStone is fast. By skipping the traditional trowel method, and spraying instead, you will cover larger areas in less time, saving on material as well as labor costs. SprayStone is tough. The binders and resins in SprayStone coat each granule, allowing them to stick to each other, and to the applied surface, creating a seamless layer that doesn’t crack, peel, or crumble, even on impact. Non-porous, yet breathable, SprayStone resists water, dust, and mud. To clean it, use soap and water, or just powerwash. SprayStone is affordable. Not only is SprayStone cost-effective, but additional savings accrue from reduced labor costs. Care and maintenance of installed SprayStone is quick and easy. SprayStone is green. 100% non-toxic, water based, with no oil byproducts. Meets all US environmental standards for exterior and interior use. SprayStone is a great way to show you care not only about great results but about the planet as well.


  • Building Facades
  • Educational Institutions
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Office Buildings


  • Restaurants and Fast Food
  • Financial Institutions
  • Convention Centers
  • Columns and Moldings
  • Recreational Facilities

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As part of our commitment to broadening the range of creativity for designers and architects around the globe, we are excited to introduce a new color, available in 2018!

Sahara Sand is inspired by the earth-tone palette of Mission Revival architectural movement, and the synesthetic warmth of southern adobe.


                                  SAHARA SAND  (GT-015)



SprayStone is a single component coating that arrives pre-mixed and ready to use. 
The 100% water-based acrylic formula makes application safe and cleanup a breeze. 
12 rich, natural stone finishes provide endless creative possibilities.

Tools & Equipment


Technical & Test Data

You need assurance that SprayStone will provide you with both utmost beauty and maximum performance. You’re in luck! For 15 years, SprayStone has stood up to all sorts of environmental conditions, from the unkind, humid summers of southeastern Asia to the bitter cold of the northeastern US. A full panel of architectural tests, conducted by the independent testing facility Chemir supports the incredible strength and resilience of SprayStone. So whatever your intended application, you can be sure that SprayStone will rise to the challenge. You can always request a full architectural test report by contacting us.

FIRE RATING ASTM E84 Flame Spread Index: 25 Smoke Developed Index: 10 Class “A” Fire Rating
ADHESION ASTM D3359 No loss of adhesion between SprayStone, primer, substrate, or sealer
UV-WEATHERING & YELLOWNESS ASTM D4587 & ASTM E313-10 Pass: no yellowing
TENSILE STRENGTH ASTM D2370 481 PSI Tensile Strength
ELONGATION ASTM D2370 11% Elongation
FLEXIBILITY ASTM D522 – Conical Mandrel Bend Pass: no cracking