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Universal Studios


Universal Studios

As one of America’s premier theme parks, Universal Studios Orlando sees more traffic and abuse in 1 day than many places do in a year. Consequently, every day upon closing, dozens of crews work through the night to undo the damage of the day, power washing, painting, landscaping, and otherwise restoring the glorious environment for the next day’s guests. But in many structural areas of the park, time had taken its toll on the holy grail of American entertainment. In these areas cumulative environmental factors have caused deterioration at a rate faster than could be repaired:

But with the help of SprayStone – it's good as new! 

Crews worked through the night to apply SprayStone. And in the morning the Universal Studios greeted its visitors with a freshly renovated sidewalk.

With miles of planter walls, ledges, and staircases, the work has just begun, but SprayStone will protect and beautify the park for years to come!